Andy's Wildlife Park


170 acres of wetlands, tidal estuary and a forest. RULES:
This park is intended to be a wildlife habitat. In order for visitors and wildlife some rules must be observed. These rules are posted at the trailhead and include the following: CAUTIONS
Nearly all of the park lies south of Sandberg Road and West of Eckenstam-Johnson Road. The trailhead and picnic area is on Eckenstam-Johnson Rd. just north of Oro Bay Rd.

The park was donated to the Anderson Island Parks district by Andrew Anderson.
A donation from Delbert and Janice Deweyert allowed us to construct a connection with Andrew Anderson Marine Park

Enhancement of Schoolhouse Creek to restore and maintain salmon run is underway. Restoring the creek to resemble its original course was completed along with Pierce County's replacement of two culverts, one on Oro Bay Road and one on Eckenstam-Johnson Road that prevented salmon migration. This work enabled construction of an incubation and release system within the creek for 20,000 chum Salmon eggs with the intent of reestablishing the salmon run. We hope to build our own system next year so that we can continue introducing Chum Salmon to School House Creek and improve the salmon population of Puget Sound. It may take as long as 4 years for the first release to return. Because of environmental and predatory factors please don't expect to see 20,000 salmon fighting their way "home". Pierce County has also erected an informational sign near the stream crossing on Eckenstam-Johnson Road.

Park Commissioner: John Larsen, 253-884-9798,