Parks on Anderson Island maintained by The Anderson Island Park District: All parks are open from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. year-round unless otherwise posted.
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Jane Cammon
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A - Ol' Swimming Hole/Lowell Johnson Park
2 swimming areas and sandy beach on Lake Florence. Floating Dock and slide. Volleyball court. Picnic area.
B - Andy's Marine Park
81 acres. 3/4 mile public beach and tidal inlet. 1 mile trail (through woods) to the beach. (Some steep parts.)
C - Andy's Wildlife Park
180 acres wedlands, tidal estuary, and forest. 2 mile nature trail loop. Best in summer due to wet conditions.
Facilities: Restroom and picnic area at trailhead.
C - Off-Leash Dog Walk
1-acre fenced OFF-LEASH dog area on Sandberg Road. The only off-leash park.
D - Jane Cammon Park
40 acres. Includes Elementary School, ballfield (J), covered play area, play equipment, and the Jane Cammon Walking and Bicycle Trail (2 miles flat and dry).
L - Jacob's Point Park
82 acres of woods, wetlands, and beach. Historically a pioneer farm. 1.4 mile (each way) loop trail. Beach access. Outhouse near trail midpoint.
E - The Old School House
Historic one-room schoolhouse and tennis/pickleball/basketball court. The schoolhouse serves as a fitness center run by Wendy Field 884-9261.
F - Tom White Park (Schoolhouse creek)
5 acres. Wooded area, hiking trail & salmon creek E of Schoolhouse.
M - Idie Ulsh Park (Schoolhouse creek)
15 acres. Wooded area, 1/3 mile hiking trail, salmon creek N of Schoolhouse.
J - Russ Cammon Ball Field.
G - Montalvo Park
5 acres. Wooded with an open area and picnic table. Trail connects to Jane Cammon park.
H - St. Anne's Woods (UNDEVELOPED, No Access)
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