AIHS Gardens

The mission of the community gardens is to serve the Anderson Island Community by providing garden plots that let residents grow and harvest organic produce and flowers in a safe, supportive and healthy environment.

General Info

There are 39 AIHS community gardens. Gardens are leased to AIHS members on a yearly basis, for $40/year. This includes a plot, water for irrigation, and wood chips for maintaining paths.
There is a waitlist for available plots. Members can join the waitlist by clicking here and following the instructions for 'EXISTING MEMBERS'. (You must be a member to be on the waitlist.)
Gardens are arranged into four sections. Each section has a garden coordinator.

Click here to see the current garden assignments.
Click here to find out how many names are on the waitlist.

Community Garden Contract

The Community Garden Contract contains all relevant rules and regulations. Each year every gardener must either
a. Read and sign the online contract:

b. Download, print, and sign the contract Document and return it to your garden coordinator:

c. Obtain a printed copy of the contract from your garden coordinator, sign it, and return it.

Garden Contacts (11/16/22)

Garden Information

We will be adding documents and information to this section.

Garden Admin Page

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