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AIHS News  (Updated 6/5/22)

AIHS Feature-length Videos on YouTube

You can watch these documentaries on your TV (recommended), tablet, computer, or smart phone. Go to and search for "Anderson Island Historical Society".
"The Anderson Island Story".
Rick Stockstad hosts this 80-minute video that presents the history of Anderson Island, from 20,000 years ago to today. The story is told through historic photos and on-location interviews with island residents.

"The Johnson Farm Story".
This 80-minute video presents the story of the Johnson Farm, which was founded in 1896 by John Johnson and his wife Alma Marie Bowman.

"March Program: Peter Puget Visits Anderson Island in 1792".
A 70-minute video of our March 26 program. Arild Barrett, Danny Marshall, and Rick Anderson present the visit of Peter Puget to Anderson Island in 1792.

"The Antique Apple Project, part 1".
"The Antique Apple Project, part 2".
Two 60 minute videos of David Benscoter's March 27 presentation on "Lost Apples of the Inland Empire": Apple varities that were very popular in the 1800s but were lost to history, and are only now being rediscovered.

Spring Concert Videos recorded May 28 at the Archival Building.