AIHS Plant Information - 2024

This page contains information about all of the plants sold at the AIHS 2024 Plant sale. Tap or click on the name to bring up detailed plant information from the seed vendor.
The number in column 1 is the AIHS item number on the plant tag.

1001Artichoke Wonder
1002Aster Matador Mix
1003Aster Matsumoto Sakata Mix
1004Basil Cardinal
1005Basil Sweet Basil
1006Bells of Ireland
1007Broccoli Umpqua
1008Cabbage Tiara
1009Cabbage Tiara
1010Celosia Sunday mix
1011Cucumber Beit Alpha
1012Cucumber Marketmore
1013Cucumber Raider
1014Cucumber Regal Pickling
1015Cucumber Sweet Slice
1016Dianthus Hollandia mix
1017Eggplant Traviata
1018Ground cherry New Hanover
1019Helichrysum bracteatum
1020Kale Red Russian
1021onions, walla walla
1022Parsley Italian
1023Parsley Wega
1024Pepper Pathfinder (Serrano)
1025Pepper, Cal Wonder
1026Pepper, Early Jalapeno
1027Pumpkin Neon
1028Pumpkin Small Sugar
1029Rudbeckia hirta
1030Scabiosa Fata Morgana
1031Scabiosa Oxford blue
1032Shallots Davidor
1033Snapdragon M. Butterfly cherry bronze
1034Snapdragon M. Butterfly pink
1035Squash Delicata Bush
1036Squash Reno acorn
1037Squash Spaghetti Small Wonder
1038Squash winter butterbush
1039Squash winter Red Kuri
1040Sunflower Buttercream
1041Sunflower Lemonade
1042Sunflower Starburst Panache
1043Sunflower Valentine
1044Sweet Peas
1045Swiss Chard Bright Lights
1046Tomatillo Giant Green
1047Tomatillo Miltomate
1048Tomato Apricot Zebra
1049Tomato Baylor Paste
1050Tomato Evil Olive
1051Tomato Fantastic
1052Tomato Flaming Burst
1053Tomato Jory
1054Tomato Orange Wellington
1055Tomato Prudence Purple
1056Tomato San Marzano
1057Tomato Spoon
1058Tomato, Japanese Trifele
1059Tomato, Pink Bumblebee
1060Tomato, Sungold
1061Tomato, Sweet Million
1062Zinnia Benary's Giant mix
1063Zinnia Cactus mix
1064Zucchini Emerald Delight (Bush)
-GROUP 2 - No vegetables
1071Azalea, Red
1072Blackberry, thornless
1074Celosia Sunday mix
1075Centaurea montana - perennial cornflower
1077Daphne shrubs
1078Elderberry, Black
1080Geranium, scented
1081Heather, Pink
1082Heather, yellow
1084Hydrangea, Bold Burgundy
1085Hydrangea, climbing
1086Hydrangea, lacecap
1087Hydrangea, Limelight
1088Jacobs Ladder
1089Kerria Japonica
1090Kinnikinnic (bearberry)
1091Lilac Ludwig Spaeth
1094Mint, decorative variegated
1095Shallots, Davidor
1096Onions, Walla Walla
1097Panicum, Emerald Chief
1100Pieris Little Heath
1101Poppies, perennial red
1102Rose, 4th of July
1103Rose, Ida Pearl
1104Rose, Lady Banks
1106Salvia, Hotlips
1108Scabiosa, perennial
1110St. Johns Wort, Green
1111St. Johns Wort, Red
1112Strawberries, June bearing
1113Strawberries, everbearing
1117Yarrow, Pink