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Event Facilities

Facilities at the Anderson Island Historical Society and Johnson Farm are available to organizations and private parties for single and recurring meetings and events. The facilities include:
  • McGoldrick Library in the Archival Building: A library/meeting room- occupancy 25. Includes a large table with seating for 12, an 80" TV screen with computer HDMI input, a white-board. Internet connectivity. No setup required.
  • Stephenson Hall in the Archival Building: A 30' x 90' hall, with a 30'x12' stage, occupancy 100 seated, 299 standing. Includes a large screen and projector, a full professional sound system, 80 padded chairs, 40 folding chairs, and 16 folding tables. Internet connectivity. Setup required. $50 janitorial fee.
  • Lois Scholl Room: A meeting and crafts room in coop 2, occupancy 25. Tables and chairs already set up. A limited commercial kitchen is available, approved for light food prep. Internet connectivity. No setup required.
  • A historic barn (built 1919), occupancy 49. Setup required for tables/chairs. $50 janitorial fee. Power is available. No Internet service.
  • An outdoor bandstand, 26'x16', with no roof. Power is available. Internet Connectivity.
  • Farm grounds. Picnic tables, tables, chairs, and tents are available. Internet connectivity in some areas. Setup required. Min $50 janitorial fee.
  • Serving Shed: A covered, paved, outdoor serving and seating area. Power, water, and tables are available. Internet connectivity. Setup required.
  • Fees, Terms, and Conditions

    Note: All non-AIHS events in Stephenson hall incur a $50 janitorial fee.
    Private Event Policy and Fees.
    Archival Building Fee Schedule.

    Organization Event Policy.
    Archival Building Rules Policy.
    Archival Building Usage Policy.

    Reserve Event Space

    To reserve space for an event:
    1. Check the event calendar to make sure your dates and times are available.
    2. Contact our event coordinator to discuss your needs and fees.(Bob Bedoll, 253-267-4936,
    3. Fill out the Reservation form, sign it electronically, and submit it.
    4. Pay any necessary deposit and advance fee.


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